Disputes sometimes occur on construction projects and if not handled properly, can become extremely costly and time-consuming.

Statistics show that the Cost of Arbitration is between $150,000 and $200,000 per day and between 12.5% and 38% of the claim value (Dr. Nael Bunni) and 10-15% of the project value (DRBF).

Dispute Adjudication & Resolution Boards

The use of Dispute Boards on construction projects is becoming increasingly popular as a means of avoiding costly and lengthy arbitration proceedings. The World Bank, the European Union and many development banks now insist on the inclusion of dispute boards in contracts for all projects funded by them. The International Chamber of Commerce also recommends their use, FIDIC have incorporated provisions for dispute boards in the latest editions of their forms of contract, as do the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Andy Hewitt is a qualified dispute adjudicator and a Member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation. His expert services are available as a dispute member or adjudicator.

Dispute Management

No party enters into a contract with the intention of entering into disputes. The fact is though that many construction contracts, because of their complex nature, do in fact, become involved in disputes. This inevitably results in tense relationships between the parties and a diversion of efforts away from the important issues of completing the project on time, to budget and in accordance with the required quality.

If a project becomes firmly locked in dispute, it is often believed that the only resolution is arbitration, which inevitably becomes a time consuming and costly exercise for both parties. If there is a willingness from the parties to actually bring the matter to a resolution though, there is an alternative to arbitration, which is to employ the services of an industry expert to examine the issues of the dispute and provide an impartial decision to the parties on the merits of the matter.

We can provide the following services to assist the parties in managing disputes:

  • Review and advice on the merits of the disputed items
  • Advice on claim presentation to avoid disputes
  • Advice on claim responses and determinations to avoid disputes
  • Preparation of cases for dispute hearings
  • Expert adjudication advice and advocacy during dispute proceedings

Construction Claims

Helping clients to resolve claims and avoid disputes and in a cost effective and timely manner.


Contractual Advice

Helping clients to select and draft the most appropriate contracts and providing expert interpretation of the contractual provisions.


Education & Training

Expert training and education for company employees or individuals.