Claims are almost inevitable on construction projects and in times of recession when margins are low, claims always increase.

If the project does not proceed as originally planned, either because of changes, or through employer-caused delays, then claims can very often add up to substantial sums. A successful claim leading to additional time or payment will often make the difference between success and failure in achieving a contractor’s commercial goals. Likewise, the rejection or reduction of a claim on behalf of the employer will protect the project’s bottom line.

Claim Preparation

Inadequately expressed claim are one of the major causes of time-consuming and costly disputes.

In order for a claim to succeed and to be resolved in a timely manner, it is essential that claims are presented with a high degree of professionalism and that they include all the essential elements to enable the reviewer to make a proper determination. Failure to do so will result in either delay in the resolution of, or outright rejection of the claim.

When substantial sums of money at risk, it is essential that adequate resources are deployed to recover them. It is however, often the case that the parties do not have people with the specialist knowledge and expertise available to successfully manage time consuming and complex claim issues. The result of failing to properly prepare claims is that the claimant is inadequately compensated, or the matter is elevated to a costly dispute.

We provide expert claim preparation services including the following:

  • Formulating a suitable claim strategy to achieve our client’s objectives.
  • Advising on the merits of the claim events.
  • Quantum evaluation.
  • Preparation of claim submissions.

Claim Assessment, Determination or Defence

Claims can very often add up to substantial sums and pose a significant addition to the project cost.

When substantial sums of money are at risk, it is essential to ensure that when claims are received they are justifiable under the contract, evaluated accurately, determined correctly and that the response to the claimant addresses all essential matters. The result of failing to properly respond to claims is often that the respondent finds himself in a costly and time-consuming dispute situation, or even litigation.

We provide expert claims defence, determination and response services including the following:

  • Agreeing a claim defence or response strategy to achieve our client’s objectives
  • Advising on the contractual merits of claims
  • Quantum evaluation
  • Preparation of claim determinations and responses

Claim & Response Enhancement & Presentation

In some cases, clients have the resources to prepare or respond to a claim themselves, but possibly do not have the required expertise to make the claim or response document as effective as it could be. Essential elements of a robust claim are often omitted, which weakens the case, or the events are not adequately dealt with or substantiated. In these situations, the claim will more than likely be rejected or require revision and resubmission. In the case of an inadequately expressed response or determination, the claimant or the employer may not accept the findings. Both situations will delay bringing the matter to resolution and the parties will incur additional cost.

We will review claim or response documents, suggest ways which they could be enhanced and if necessary, edit the claim or response so that it contains all the essential elements for success.

Contractual Advice

Helping clients to select and draft the most appropriate contracts and providing expert interpretation of the contractual provisions.



Managing disputes and providing dispute resolution and adjudication services.


Education & Training

Expert training and education for company employees or individuals.